Trauma Recovery

1757826110Do I have to talk about “it”?

You know… that thing that happened. I really don’t want to. How can I talk to you if I don’t have the words?

Will you make me talk about it? How will that help if I do?

I’ve worked really hard to push it down. I’ve put it away in a box—all locked up.

Except it keeps coming out at the most random times.

What do you mean… the “impact” of the trauma?

Well, I have trouble getting out of bed, going to sleep, staying asleep… staying awake.

Of course, I WANT my space clean and organized.

I’d like to be productive.

I want to help myself, my children, my family, and my friends…

But I don’t see it happening. I just don’t have the energy. I’m ALWAYS tired.

1595169043Come to think of it… I never seem to accomplish anything.

Something is off. Fix that.

Or my relationships. They’re always broken. I’m broken. Everything is broken.

The impact??!!

It’s in everything. Everything is a mess from when I wake up in the morning to when I try to sleep at night.

I try, but no one understands me. My words are all mixed up.

Isn’t there a way to make it go away?


I don’t know what that is. It might be nice. I seem to live in the too-much or not-enough world.

That’s what my sweetheart says—that I’m too much work. As I said, I’m broken. I don’t know why they stay. They’ll probably leave me soon if I don’t get fixed. That makes sense. Everyone leaves. But that’s because I’m so so messed up.

I really want something better than this.

73684348A better life is possible.

Clients are so fearful of talking about the trauma. They don’t have to.

I meet my clients where they are at. They are in a supportive environment where they can talk or choose not to. I will guide and support you.

Through talk therapy or art therapy, we decide together where you want to go during your sessions. I help guide you through the stuck points.

Like a large puzzle whose pieces are all over the place, we choose which areas you want to pick up and explore every session. If it becomes too much, we can pause, and go elsewhere, a place that is more comfortable to you. Or we can switch modalities, such as moving to art therapy. Creating in response to specific questions or concerns helps you see the issue when it is too difficult to talk about.

This way, we will also explore your strengths and see what we can build upon. It is so empowering to realize how far you have come, given the circumstances you have faced and experienced.

We will identify the coping skills that have worked well for you. This includes coping skills such as avoidance, aggression, and isolation. These may have worked in the past to help keep you safe. If they no longer work for you, we will look for tools that work better in your current life.

A single change often has a domino effect that helps you get toward the life you desire.

It’s time to stop wearing the mask.

If you’re like many trauma victims, you’re good at hiding how much you hurt.

On the outside, you might look completely put together. It’s a tiresome act. If only they knew…

Well, I see you… and I’m here to help.

Call me today for your free consultation. Let’s talk about how I can help: (804) 892-9262.