Individual Therapy

242908150“I don’t know how long I can go on like this.”

It is getting so difficult. It’s been difficult for a while now.

I have had so many emotions… so many thoughts.

I feel broken sometimes.

Everyone else seems to have it all together while I wear a mask and wing it daily.

Sometimes, it’s all I can do to get by from one moment to the next.

“I want so much more for my life.”

I want to feel good enough—like I have a purpose—like I have strengths that are helpful.

I would like to feel more organized… more put together.

I want my whole life to be stronger: relationships, family, friends, socialization, and fun stuff.

I would really like to get to the point of fulfilling my potential—to be happy without faking it!

But I’m not sure where to start because… well… I’m kind of a mess.

117074101You might doubt your future because of your history.

So often, fear is based on the history experienced. It does not have to control your future.

Maybe your home life is great, but problems are at work. Or work is going well, but home, well, it might be a mess. Maybe there are issues at school or work that allow you to take things to the next level. There is usually one area that is the most “stuck.”

Whether addressing a traumatic childhood history, a recent life event, a movement toward a leadership role, dealing with a medical diagnosis, or family dynamics, your belief about yourself often gets in the way. What’s worse is when you borrow someone else’s negative and untrue view of yourself (especially in the case of abuse) and accept it as your own.

I’m here to help.

I meet clients where they are at. The area of focus is yours to decide. I am happy to share my thoughts as well. Regardless, we will work on what you want to address. We can incorporate talk therapy, art therapy, neurofeedback, or a combination to be most effective.

We start by identifying any areas of your life that are fabulous (or simply good). We want to keep those. We will then focus on one or more of the areas that are problematic. Getting to the root cause of things is often the most effective. However, you will assist in the navigation toward your goal.

Once one of the targeted areas attains movement, like dominos, we gain momentum toward your progress. Then you are on your way to the life you desire.

It’s time to get help.

The next step is simple: schedule your free consultation by calling me at (804) 892-9262 or sending a message below.

Reach out today.