Couples Therapy

399220570“I have so many issues in my marriage.”

So many things…

It’s nothing like it used to be.

We don’t talk much anymore. Listening? No. That hasn’t happened in… well, a long time. We used to talk for hours—about anything, nothing… everything. It was great.

The communication is awful. I want to understand why and have control over my own emotions when we talk, but I don’t know how.

And sex? Not a thing lately. I mean, we don’t even sleep in the same room anymore. We haven’t slept together in a while now. I mean, how can we?

Of course, I WANT to get back to how we were.

I mean… I still love them.

I would do anything to find that passion again.

But I’ve tried everything, and none of it’s worked.

How can we get there again?

370082543I’m here to help.

I meet clients where they are at. In this case, both of you.

We will target the areas you want to work on. However, I have found that communication is key. We will look at relationship patterns, communication styles, and focal issues.

We can incorporate talk therapy, art therapy, neurofeedback, or a combination to be most effective. Homework assignments can be useful to practice skills learned between sessions.

The areas that are working fabulously in your life will remain. We will focus on one or more of the difficult areas.

You CAN make this work!

Simply reach out today.

Call me at (804) 892-9262 or send a message below to schedule your free consultation.