Therapy for Children

Trauma recovery services for children ages 6-12…

712458451They’re so little… so young…

But they’re struggling, and you have to do something.

Maybe they have a hard time focusing. The school has begun to mention their lack of focus. Grades are beginning to suffer.

They are more isolative. Friends are few, especially after they used to be so happy and chat easily.

You are bewildered.

Children often can’t express themselves verbally.

A once happy child is isolative.

Another child is suddenly angry and defiant, seemingly out of nowhere.

You try to talk to them but get met with nothing or a lot of resistance.

Therapy For Children Img2So, how does therapy work with kids?

Children need to share their feelings and concerns in a safe place. This might include talking, but that can be a lot of pressure on a kid, and they might not have the tools to do it well.

But there are other ways for them to express bottled-up emotions and share what’s going on…

Art Therapy
Art therapy is not about drawing pictures for the refrigerator. It is not about making masterpieces. It is about allowing children to create, often responding to their feelings. In this way, I can help explore the image with them safely.

Neurofeedback requires minimal verbal skills. The electrodes are placed on the scalp and display the child’s brain waves. We can see if they are distracted, anxious, or tense in real-time. They can learn ways to regulate their thoughts and emotions simply by responding to the visual feedback provided.

Talk Therapy
Talk therapy is always an option. Often a child moves back and forth between art therapy and talk therapy or neurofeedback and talk therapy. Some use all three. As things shift in a positive direction, talking through things becomes easier as they understand more about what they are experiencing.

Additional Options
As parents begin to see changes in their child, this is brought forward so that the child is also aware of their progress. A focus on the positive also allows for additional momentum. In this way, the child is supported in their work. The parent is also supported in how they can best support their child.

Your child needs help…

I’m here to give you and your child the support you need.

Let’s partner up to ensure your child is set up for a healthy future.

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