Art Therapy

56898976I know the question on your mind…

“Do I have to be good at art??”

Here’s your answer: NO!

It’s not about WHAT you produce. It’s about letting yourself dive into the page (or other medium), releasing your feelings into whatever you create.

In a safe and supportive environment, we’ll explore your creation and work through how you feel about it.

So, it’s about the process… not the product!

When you can’t find the words…

Art therapy is a great way to go.

It’s good for children who don’t have the words to express what’s inside… and for adults who find it difficult or painful to communicate face-to-face or talk about the past.

Through your creations, you can address what happened with or without words.

Art enhances your overall wellness!


Passive thought is simply that passive. When words are added to the page, there is a confrontation of facts. When imagery appears, things look, well, different. Change seems possible, and deeper levels of self-reflection often occur.

Life vision…

Gain clarity of your goals. Putting things in writing helps. However, imagery adds a different perspective.

Art Therapy Img 2Personal growth…

Exploration of the self through creativity adds a layer of clarity and life enhancement. Often a deeper level of meaning is experienced.

Community and Connectedness…

Learning about one’s self is often reflective and refreshing. Engaging in art as wellness with others interested in doing so offers a joining and learning experience like no other.

The creative process is beyond words and creates experiences that are often next-level.

Let’s do this!

Reach out today.

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