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Every day is a struggle.

You’re moving through life as if fighting against quicksand.

The more you try to wrestle free, the further in you sink.

You can’t make any progress. In fact, you’re going backward.

Things have been this way ever since that painful event.

It’s as though your life was split into two distinct parts; before and after.

You’ve tried your hardest to push that pain down and lock it away.

And you’ve designed your life around avoiding what happened.

You spend so much energy projecting a positive image to the world.

For the most part, it works. People frequently tell you how strong you are.

But, you hardly recognize yourself anymore.

In the process of pretending everything’s fine, you’ve lost touch with your authentic self.

If only people could see how broken you felt inside.

The constant exhaustion. The inability to sleep or eat.

How overwhelmed you are with feelings of inadequacy as a partner, parent, friend, and person in general.

But if they knew, you’re certain they would leave.

You want so badly to find a way through this chaos.

However, fear always seems to get in the way.

Fear of rejection, of misunderstanding, of facing these painful memories head-on.

It feels so hopeless.

There is a way forward.

Don’t give up!

Therapy can help you come to terms with the
issues of your past and present.

Let me guide you through the muck of complex emotions so
you can emerge renewed on the other side.

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Hi, I’m Melanie.

And you don’t need to struggle alone anymore.

Let’s heal your past so you can move forward with enthusiasm about your future.

Drawing on tools of art therapy, counseling, trauma work, and neurofeedback, we’ll create a treatment plan designed for your unique strengths and challenges.

Together, we’ll finally process the pain that’s permeated every area of your life, despite your best efforts to push it down, far

Find the compassion, understanding, and encouragement to make the lasting positive change you’re so desperate to achieve.

Rediscover yourself and live your best life. Reach out for your free consultation.

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