Psychological Testing

When you don’t know what’s going on but need an answer…

238778272You know SOMETHING is going on.

Because you have symptoms!

Maybe it’s too much of something—like too much anxiety or pressure to be perfect.

Or it’s too little of something—like lack of focus, difficulty concentrating, or insufficient impulse control.

Perhaps you’re struggling with sadness, depression, low energy, irritability, or anger.

It’s helpful to find out what it is so you can do something about it!

1901868232That’s why we do psychological testing.

We’ll meet for an initial assessment, which is similar to a first therapy meeting. I’ll ask you questions and gather information to understand better what’s happening. We might also contact your child’s school, family members, or others in your circle to make sure we have a clear picture based on the perspectives of many sources.

Then, we’ll schedule testing. We’ll schedule a 4-hour block to ensure we have enough time. On the day of the test, you or your child will move through various measures to answer the question on your mind: “What’s going on?”

We’ll have a separate session to discuss your results and possibilities for moving forward more effectively.

So, it’s three easy steps: Meeting, testing, and results.

You’ve wanted to know…

Now, you can.

If you’re like most people, you’ve been plagued by questions for far too long. Don’t wait any longer.

Let us help you gain clarity and a way to move forward.

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