Your Marriage is Falling Apart

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Your marriage is nothing like it used to be.

Between busy days at work and the kid’s after-school practices, there’s no time for you and your spouse.

You don’t talk much anymore.

Date nights used to happen once a week. Now you’d settle for dinner without the TV on.

When you bring your concerns to your husband, it becomes a colossal argument followed by the silent treatment for two days.

Remember sex?

Don’t even ask. You haven’t slept in the same room for a while now.

There’s still love between you, but you don’t know how to cross that gap between you.

Old arguments and unresolved wounds wait like landmines in every conversation.

You miss your partner. You’d do anything to rekindle the love and passion at the heart of your marriage.

Rekindle the heart of your relationship.

Everyone knows “communication is critical” in a partnership, but few couples take the time to master it.

Our sessions incorporate talk therapy with the most effective therapeutic techniques for your marriage.

  • Neurofeedback incorporates EEG to reduce stress and change the way your brain processes.
  • Incorporating Art Therapy allows you to find new ways to express your needs creatively.

We’ll uncover the hidden patterns of your communication styles, so you can finally talk again.

Therapy gives you a supportive space to understand your collective goals as a partnership and create a clear path to the marriage and life you both want.

Experience your ideal self in partnership.

Everyone knows marriages take work, but when your marriage is healthy, it becomes a vehicle for personal growth.

Understand your unique Love Languages and harness them for deeper connection and intimacy.

As you rebuild the trust between you, you’ll notice the ease and delight that returns with increased intimacy.

(Yes, the sex gets way better too.)

Stop tearing each other down and start living your potential.

It can be extremely challenging to repair damages to your marriage without support.

Divorce and separation have become all too common solutions for simple misunderstandings.

Don’t let the love of your dreams slip through your fingers.

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